How to Get Backlinks in Your Social Media Newsfeed

A few years ago, when you first got into blogging, there was no way to see how much traffic your content generated, and if it was getting any traction.

If you were sharing links, you could count on seeing that you were getting some attention.

That was until Google added the ability to backlink.

This was in 2014, and the site was the first to take advantage of the new technology.

Today, is the top backlink research site, according to Alexa, and is ranked number one on Google’s backlink algorithm.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are the first link that a site or blog posts.

This means that when someone clicks on a link from Backlinkoon, the link will be shown to the reader.

The more backlinks that the site or blogger has, the higher the probability that that site or writer will receive some sort of traffic, and this link can be a direct link to another site.

A Google search for “backlinko” will return thousands of results, but only about 20% of them are actually the actual backlinks the site has.

It’s up to you to figure out which ones are real, and which are fake, and to check the source of each.

Here are the 10 most popular backlinks in your social media feed, and what you can do to check them out.


Backlinks from the top of your feed, from sites like CNN and Buzzfeed.

If there are links from the backlinks of your favorite websites, they are likely genuine.

These are usually found in the most popular search results, and they are usually from the sites that you would expect.

These backlinks can give you a boost to your traffic, which could help you rank higher in search rankings.


Backlink information from the newsfeed, from articles that are shared on Twitter and Facebook.

The links from your favorite news outlets are often used to create links to other articles, and are often added to your own posts.

It is easy to spot these fake backlinks.

If these are on Twitter, you may see posts from your friends that are being shared on your newsfeed.

These will often have a fake backlink to a news outlet that doesn’t exist.

It can also be very easy to see fake links in your feed if someone clicks through to your site.


Backlinked images from the News Feed, from links that appear on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter account.

The images on your feed could also be from fake back links, so if you get some kind of traffic from these, it can be helpful to look for these backlinks as well.


Backlisting from the sidebar, from posts that are featured on a sidebar page.

If your posts are featured in a sidebar, the backlink that comes from that post can be useful.

These links can be very powerful for ranking in Google, and can be used to drive traffic to your page.


Content from your site, from your blog or social media, from comments, from Facebook and Twitter.

If someone has a link to your website that is shared from your Twitter or Facebook account, they may be posting content from the site.

It will give you an indication of what content is coming your way, and it will help you decide which content to focus on for your posts.

If a link is coming from your Facebook page, it could be a link that you share to your followers.


Content that comes out of your news feed, like a video or a tweet from your employer.

These may be your favorite links, or you may get links from a source that you trust.

You can also check out the content on your favorite social networks and check out content that comes directly from the company that owns the content.


Content in your News Feed from links from sources you follow on Twitter or from the Facebook or Twitter pages of your friends.

If the link is a retweet from a friend, they might be sharing that content from their own accounts.


Links from other websites, like from Reddit or other social networks.

These can be interesting to follow because they may not necessarily be real.


Other links, like on Facebook or Pinterest.

This is another source of traffic that can be hard to spot.


The occasional image from a news article.

Some news articles might include a picture of a dog.

If this is the case, it’s probably a fake link from another website.

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