A woman and her children get a visit from a man in Indonesia who tells them to ‘go back to the motherland’

The story of a woman who was kidnapped and kidnapped again by a man who took her to his home in Bali.

A woman who is still trying to rebuild her life after the abduction.

A man who used to work for the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A woman who got a letter in her mailbox.

She’s been missing since April 25th, 2017.

Her husband found her, along with her two daughters, and the children, at a remote location in the Bali archipelago.

He was concerned that the children might have been abducted, and was looking for them.

A police officer told her to get out of the vehicle and they would go and rescue them.

A group of locals followed.

They spotted her and she went back to her home, which is surrounded by trees.

But she couldn’t get back in.

Police said the man forced her to give up her ID, so she was unable to get a new one.

She gave him a new ID card.

The next day, a police officer found her with her daughters, a few days later.

They called the police.

The man was arrested.

The family had to go to the police station.

They didn’t have the right papers to enter the country, but the police did.

The man was released.

A group of women and children were taken to a safe place in a hotel.

A policeman told them to go back to Bali to get their passports and documents, but they insisted on going back.

A neighbour who found the children crying on the road, and told them the kidnappers had taken them.

The woman, who has her own children, wanted to go home to her family.

But the kidnapper threatened to kill her, and said he would kill her if she left Bali and went to the mainland.

She wanted to give birth to another child, and wanted to visit her family, but she could not get out.

The mother was still afraid of the kidnappings.

The children have not been seen since.

They are staying with their grandparents.

I think they want to leave.

They have a mother who’s been abducted.

They want to go.

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