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Com youtube search, google search,twitter news.facebook social.facebook News.fb news.twitter google search miami chinese tumbler NATIONAL TV NEW YORK NEW YORK CITY NEW YORK (CNN) NEW YORK, NEW YORK — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and President Barack Obama on Wednesday night said that they are “very excited” about the growing number of businesses and businesses groups signing onto a petition to lift the state of New York from the list of states that have been “unfairly targeted” by the Federal Trade Commission.

In a joint press conference, de Blasio, Obama and state Democratic Party Chairwoman Mary Morhaim said they want the city and state to be included in the national list of cities that have lost the ability to impose anti-competitive trade practices against small businesses.

“We believe New York has been unfairly targeted,” de Blasio said.

“We’re going to take a very serious look at how we can bring more businesses to New York.”

Morhaim called the petition signed by more than 200 business groups, which is the largest number of business groups to take action on the issue, “a very good first step.”

The petition seeks to have the state included in a national list.

The federal government lists cities and states as “not fair” for imposing unfair business practices that harm consumers, businesses and the economy.

The states include Illinois, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, New York and Rhode Island.

Morhimsaim said that she is very confident that if we work together to get the state listed, it will be a step forward for New York.

New York state has been in a state of “unlawful discrimination” against small business since 2003, when the state enacted the Fairness Act.

The law was passed to allow small businesses to avoid having to share information with their competitors and to allow the state to charge

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